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Halloween snuck up on me like a character in a scary movie. New Outlook Homecare, together with Emeritus Senior Home, threw a Halloween party for the seniors. For entertainment, we brought in Karaoke and we dressed in fun costumes and the seniors were loving it. There were prizes and giveaways for the best costumes. As we sang the Ghostbusters song, “Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!” echoed throughout the facility. There were plenty of varied costumes (see the slide show) among the party-goers and everyone sang, clapped, and moved to the beat all night long. One senior danced with her walker to Cindy Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun; she had so much energy!

Who says seniors don’t have any fun!

Our day was a wrap as we sang the Star Spangled Banner and everyone sang their hearts out. It’s always fun to be around the seniors to see how they want to be involved in so many things. Their lives are certainly not dull; they are living just like you and me. Though many of them need assistance in their daily routine, you can see the sparkle in their eyes when they are having fun.

Give seniors a little of your time; their smiles are priceless.

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